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Couple words about Me

T oday’s trends have us focusing more on mobile technology, and as technical creators, we have to think more outside the box these days when it comes to content development. Whether you’re designing a website, an application, marketing brochures or technical documents, you really need to consider how people will be viewing your work. I have been in the “Content” development field for over 15 years. The software I’ve used has changed tremendously during that time; however, the audience has not. Not in the sense that they are still looking to get their hands on what they need with the utmost speed and efficiency. The mobile age is here, and users can access everything with the touch of a finger. This presents exciting new challenges for those of us who “create” for the mobile age. My name is Rich, and I’m one of the many who create for the mobile age. This website is simply a bookmark for those who are interested in some of the projects I may blog about or for those who are seeking help in their own projects. I started in the world of print media, but now I find myself in the cloud. I am a writer, a graphic designer, a web guy, a technical communicator, a techy, and simply put… A creator.

I like to create stuff.


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